The largest zip code database at the lowest price. 800+ data points.

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Last updated July 5, 2024
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Why does your business need it?

The most valuable insights come from combining multiple datasets together. Every e-commerce site collects the customer's zip code upon purchase. Blend your data with ours to better understand your customer base.

8x more data than other zip code databases

The files provide general information like city, state, county and population counts, but also information around 40+ categories including health, social, demographic, economic and housing insights.

Multiple data sources

Contains data that spans across multiple data sources, whereas other databases only contain basic geographic information and only gender and age populations.


Low cost

We can provide more for less because we have less overhead and an automated data pipeline to reduce manual labor costs.


All data is gathered from trusted, top-level, public organizational domains.

Data Quality & Compatibility

Compatible fields to allow you to easily join/combine the file with popular analytics platforms like Google Analytics. No data engineer or cleansing required!

Designed to fit every use case

For data analysts, data scientists, media buyers and IT.

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For Analysts

Enrich your company's internal data with the zip code to unlock new insights, like market-level sales penetration.

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For Data Scientists

Conduct a market segmentation / clustering algorithm to pair together similar markets for holdout testing.

For Media Buyers

Identify markets that over-index on your target audience.

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For Information Technology

Use the database file as data validation to ensure your customer's and prospect's information is correct and valid.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

Everything by Zip Code user

"My team uses this file for many different applications. It literally has the same data points as the other zip code databases out there, but so much more. So much easier to use this file than set up API connections. Plus, it's already been cleaned up."

Jeremy Eisinger
Director of Advanced Analytics
Everything by Zip Code user
Everything by Zip Code user

"It's true what they say, much of a data scientist's job is cleaning the data. I didn't have to do that with this file."

Gabriel Redling
Data Scientist
Everything by Zip Code user

“I use this file pretty frequently. It's a big part of our data warehouse. We combine this table with our sales data to measure sales penetration."

Jeff Plunge
Data Analyst