Our Mission

Why We Made Everything By Zip Code

Well into the digital era, there has been a shift from old-fashioned intuition-driven decision making to new-age fact-based decision making. Most successful businesses have made a conscious effort to shift to data-driven practices. Because of the availability of data and supporting tech stack, such a paradigm shift is taking place faster than many thought it would. As the new generation of quantitatively savvy managers replaces baby boomers, this data-driven managerial paradigm shift will intensify.

With such growth in online businesses and, in general, businesses that service areas outside of just the local market, there has been more importance around having a zip code database. The zip code is one of the few data points that businesses collect of its customers upon an online purchase. If you've ever purchased anything online, you've inputted your zip code.

A well maintained zip code database can unlock incredibly valuable information to an organization - knowing a region's demographics, health, economic, social, housing information, but every other zip code database on the market is severely limited in data and only provide data from USPS or the Census.

But there's so much more publicly reliable data available (Census, American Community Survey, Center for Disease Control & Prevention, US Bureau of Labor Statistics)! No website or data provider thought "Hey, let's get all of this zip code level data in the same place," until Everything By Zip Code.

Unlike other zip code databases, we give you more for less. Literally, +8x more data points for lesser of a cost of other comparable databases.

Unlike other zip code databases, we will let you know if there is a data update. You do not have to check in with us, we're on top of it.

Unlike other zip code databases, we constantly try to be better. Adding more data, adding in add-ons like our zip code distance calculator, responding to client feedback and seeking ways to make our product better.

Unlike other zip code databases, we don't have a sales team, minimal overhead and full automation, meaning we charge less.

I say "Unlike other zip code databases," because I've purchased other zip code databases. My experience with them is the sole reason why I started this business. I figured if I wasn't satisfied, then there would be others like me. Given we have 100+ customers and growing quickly, I was right in knowing that I wasn't alone.